Food Partners

At Mile High Organics we are committed to working with organic farmers and natural food companies to provide you with the highest quality food options. We work with an extensive network of local, regional, national, and international producers and farmers to make sure you have access to the highest quality and widest selection of organic groceries.

We seek out mutually beneficial, longterm relationships with our farmers and producers. We hold our farmers and producers to very high standards of quality, transparency and ethical responsibility, to ensure quality on behalf of our local community and to ensure long lasting partnerships.


Farm and Producer Connections (Colorado Network)

Ela Family Farms | White Mountain Farm | White Buffalo Farm | Osage Gardens | Domenico Farm | Joe Lippis Farm | Full Circle Farms & Rocky Mountain Pumpkin Ranch | Grant Family Farms | Green Earth Farms | Hazel Dell | Organic Valley | Morning Fresh Dairy | Eagle Springs Organic | Strohauer Farms | Croft Family Farms

Additional Organic Farms
Johansen Solar Powered Ranch | Coke Farm | John Givens Farms | Lakeside Organic Gardens | Sundance Natural Foods | Homegrown Organic Farms | Jacobs & Del Cabo Organic | South Tex Organics | Cal-Organic | Patagonia Orchards

Meet our Local Food Partners
Boulder Soup Works | Ku Cha Tea House | Ozo Coffee | Savory Spice Shop | 
BOULDER Cleaners | Boulder Granola | Boulder Soup Works |  Colorado Mountain Jam Co  | Red Mountain Baking Company 

Meet our  Other Food Partners

Alter-Eco  |  Annie's Naturals  | Arrowhead Mills  |  Back to Nature
Bionaturea  |  Bob's Red Mill  | Christopher Ranch  |  Coombs Family FarmsDeLallo  |  Eden Organics  | Edward & Sons  |  Farmer's Market

Field Day®  |  Lightlife's Food  | Lotus Foods  |  Lundberg Family FarmsMarukan  |  Mediterranean Organic™  | Mission  |  Monterey Mushrooms, Inc.Natural Value  |  Nature's Path  | Once Again Nut Butter  |  Organic PrairiePacific Natural Foods  |  Rice Dream  | San-J International, Inc. |  Seeds of ChangeSpectrum Naturals  |  SunSpire™  | Two Moms in the Raw. |  Village Harvest



Morning Fresh Dairy

Locally produced at Morning Fresh Dairy in Ft. Collins, Colorado, this may be the best bottle of milk you've ever tasted.

100% Natural with no artificial hormones, no pesticides, no preservatives and no rBGH, this is real farm goodness. Morning Fresh grows all of their own GMO-free alfalfa and corn to feed their cows and ensures the highest quality feed without the use of harmful pesticides. They have their own herd of cows so they can promise that they are not injected with hormones to increase their milk production.

And, they bottle the milk themselves with reusable glass bottles to keep milk fresher. And glass can be thoroughly sanitized which ensures no residual flavors or odors.

Organic Valley

The central mission of our cooperative is to support rural communities by protecting the health of the family farm—working toward both economic and environmental sustainability. Our stable, self-determined farmer pay prices and our love of the land are the best assurance that our co-op members will be able to continue the tradition of organic farming into the next generation.

By keeping family farmers on the land, you are protecting your right to choose foods produced the way you want them produced—a way that ensures quality, health, humane animal treatment, and the stewardship of our environment. Because we are a cooperative, we are under no obligation to answer to stockholders demanding higher profits year after year. On the contrary, we listen to nature and the wisdom of generations of organic family farming.

Ela Family Farms (top of page)

The Ela family has grown fruit in their western Colorado orchards since 1907, when cultivation first began in the region. Today, the Ela family grows organic tree fruits—cherries, peaches, pears, apples, and grapes--- as well as organic strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. You will taste their care and attention in each piece of fresh fruit they raised themselves, and in their organic jams, sauces, and nectars.

White Mountain Farm (top of page)

Paul New’s farm has been in his family since the 1930’s. White Mountain Farm was officially incorporated in 1987, and started growing certified organically grown quinoa and potatoes. Paul’s potatoes have a special flavor, which results from a combination of choosing the best tasting varieties, fertile organic production, and the unique climate that combines intense sun with cool mountain nights. Paul is one of Grower’s Organic's owners and supplies Mile High Organics with the majority of our potatoes, including; russet, red, yellow and purple potatoes, and four varieties of fingerling potatoes.

White Buffalo Farm (top of page)

Located in beautiful Paonia, Colorado, White Buffalo Farm has been owned by Wayne Talmadge for over twenty years. White Buffalo Farm is the oldest certified organic farm in the state and supplies Grower’s Organic with amazing crops including heirloom and Italian prune/plum tomatoes, Asian pears and a variety of delectable apples and peaches.

Osage Gardens (top of page)

Osage Gardens owns 26 acres of certified organic land and currently farms more than two acres under greenhouse cover in Newcastle, Colorado. Owners Sarah and Tom Rumery’s mission statement is to grow the healthiest (nutrient dense) most flavorful herbs in Colorado, while being kind to the earth, their employees and their customers. Osage Gardens provides Grower’s Organic with over 22 product lines of culinary herbs including arugula, basil, lemon basil, purple basil, Thai basil, bay leaf, chervil, chives, dill, edible flowers, flat leaf parsley, kaffir lime, lemon grass, marjoram, mint, oregano, poultry blend, rosemary, sage, sorrel, tarragon, and thyme.

Domenico Farm (top of page)

Second generation, Ray Domenico is continuing the legacy of his father. In 1962, Ray took over caring for the land and built Domenico Farms, known for its quality produce throughout Denver and the Front Range. The Domenico Farms are solid in their local Front Range row crops, including several varieties of leaf lettuce, parsley, cilantro, chards, kales, collards, winter and summer squash, turnips, beets, eggplant, cucumbers, zucchini and bell peppers from his fields—wholesome and nutritious food right outside the Denver Metro Area. The Domenico Farm is both a legacy in the organic produce world and a Denver treasure.

Joe Lippis Farm (top of page)

Located in the Arkansas River Valley, a true Colorado gem, Joe Lippis specializes in row crops. Lippis Farm was recently honored as Colorado Conservationist Farmers of the Year. The farm provides Grower’s Organic with their stand-out green onions and zucchini. With a short growing season between April to July, the farm makes the best of the hot temperatures in the area.

Full Circle Farms & Rocky Mountain Pumpkin Ranch (top of page)

Owner David Asbury of Full Circle Farms & the Rocky Mountain Pumpkin Ranch has been running, farming, and marketing farm fresh produce since 1993, featuring his annual Fall Festival in Longmont, Colorado. Don’t miss the festival if you are in the Front Range come autumn! Full Circle Farms provides Grower’s Organic with lettuce, cucumbers, green bell peppers, and zucchini that are bright, crisp and delicious! Read about Gretchen's trip to Full Circle Farm here!

Grant Family Farms (top of page)

Grant Family Farms is Colorado’s largest organic vegetable farm, harvesting their main crops of cabbage, lettuce, spinach, summer greens and herbs, broccoli, and summer and winter squash. This bountiful property lies in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, north of Fort Collins. Marty and Andy have a deep belief that they should grow product that is best for your health in a way that makes them a responsible steward of planet Earth. Their farm was the first to be certified organic by the State of Colorado!

Green Earth Farms (top of page)

Tom McCracken, farmer and steward of Green Earth Farms, supplying GO with much of their potatoes as well as organic brussel sprouts, romanesco, kale, spinach, braising greens and salad mixes. Farming from his San Luis Valley Farm where he lives and works with his wife Lillian. The farm is surrounded by wilderness, between an ancient seabed and one of the world's oldest and largest calderas. The rich soils, pure water and air, and intense climate produces potent herbs, sweet tender vegetables and nutritious grains. Tom McCracken was instrumental in implementing the Organic Certification Program in Colorado. Organics is Tom’s religion!

Isabelle Farm (top of page)

Isabelle Farm is a family-run, Certified Organic farm that grows more than 100 varieties of  produce on 50-plus acres in Boulder County. Isabelle Farm is owned and operated by Jason and Natalie Condon.

Hazel Dell (top of page)

Jim Hammond owns Hazel Dell Mushrooms, the only exotic mushroom farm in the state! The 10-acre farm near Ft. Collins' edge specializes in certified organic mushrooms, featuring varieties of oyster, king oyster, beech, shiitake, lion’s mane, portabella and maitake mushrooms. On any given day, Hammond and his six employees nurture over 9,000 bags of developing mushrooms. You will undoubtedly taste Hazel Dell's dedication to the highest quality mushroom – you can’t beat their flavor or variety!

Eagle Springs Organic (top of page)

At Eagle Springs Organic we cultivate a diverse selection of fresh fruit and vegetables and compassionately raise animal livestock through a holistic and progressive approach to agriculture.

We take advantage of every symbiotic relationship existing between each segment of our certified organic farm.  This includes vegetables, fruit, livestock, irrigation, and energy consumption.  We utilize every resource available to us and make sure that waste from one process is used as an input for other processes.  This increases the efficiency and sustainability of the farm.  Unusable produce that's too ripe or fell from the branch make great animal food and animal manure is composted to feed the plants growing in the field.  Worms break down plant debris to create nutrients that go back into the growing beds to support the next crop.  Letting overgrown lettuce go to seed provides a sure supply of organic seed for next year.

Strohauer Farm (top of page)

Strohauer Farms is a third generation family farm located in Northern Colorado. The farm is comprised of approximately 3,000 acres of corn, wheat and various vegetables including Strohauer Farm’s famous specialty gourmet potatoes. Many dedicated employees, who have been working for our family for a number of years, make our operation as successful as it is today.

Our family is dedicated to being good stewards of the land and is committed to producing the highest quality of produce possible for our customers. Thank you for giving Strohauer Farms the opportunity to be a part of your family’s meals.

Croft Family Farms (top of page)

Croft is ‘old English’ for a protected field.  We consider ourselves protectors and caretakers of the land and our family has been for 7 generations. Grandpa Glenn got tired of the dust and drought in western Kansas so in 1947 he moved his family to Weld County Colorado.


The original farm is still owned and farmed by Brad and Scott Cockroft today.  Steve and Michelle Cockroft farm within a mile of that original Colorado farm along with their 7 children. 


One of their children battles autism and this drove the Cockrofts toward organic farming. As they researched they came across dietary interventions that really helped him.  They became very aware of how much food in the grocery stores is not always as it appears.  Reading food labels became a way of life and they were astonished at how many harmful things besides chemicals, additives, and preservatives are in our foods.  

Johansen Solar Powered Ranch (top of page)
Family owned and operated since 1910, Johansen Ranch specializes in the highest quality CCOF Certified Organic Satsuma and Clementine Mandarins, Blood and Navel Oranges, Meyer Lemons and Olive Oil. Based in the sunny valley of Orland, CA, all produce on Johansen Ranch is tree ripened and organically grown. What’s event better? The entire facility is solar powered!

Coke Farm (top of page)
Coke Farm has been growing organic fruits and vegetables in Northern California for the last two decades. In 1981, founder Dale Coke was prompted by a doubting conventional farmer, who speculated that strawberries could not be grown organically. Today Coke Farm continues to provide its customers with organic, specialty, top quality, seasonal fruits and vegetables year-round. In addition to growing and shipping their own produce, Coke Farm also cools, stores, and ships for several local organic farms.

John Givens Farm (top of page)
John Givens started John Givens Farm in the Goleta Valley under the “Something Good” label in 1980 with 1 acre. Over the years, John Givens Farm grew slowly to its present size of 180 acres in 12 locations stretching over 30 miles. The goal of the farm is to provide fresh, local, organic produce of excellent quality all year long. They use innovative methods for cultivating produce, and plant many varieties of produce every week of the year.  At John Givens Farm they believe that diversity of crops creates a more sustainable farming ecosystem, while greater biological variety provides a healthier diet for its consumers.

Sundance Natural Foods (top of page)

Sundance Natural Foods has been in business since 1971. They are growers, packers and shippers of Certified Organic Citrus and Avocados. Their goal is to produce the highest quality of Certified Organic Citrus and Avocados. Sundance represents over 3,929 acres of Certified Organic growers in Northern and Southern California.

Homegrown Organic Farms (top of page)

Homegrown provides fresh organic fruits, helping people across North America understand how organic is better in every way.  Companies are always about people, and Homegrown Organic Farms is no exception.  From growers, packing house personnel, picking crews, shipping personnel, sales people, accounting - the list goes on, they all play a critical role in the make up of Homegrown Organic Farms.  All are working to grow the consumption and enjoyment of organic fruit. Homegrown represents over 40 different growers with a total of more than 3,500 acres in organic farming.  They offer a wide range of organic fruits including citrus, tree fruit (peaches, plums, and nectarines), blueberries, grapes and pomegranates. 

South Tex Organics (top of page)

Dennis Holbrook grew up in a citrus and row crop farming family. After returning from Texas A&I University, and again joining the family business, he purchased the family citrus operation from his father in 1977. He soon became disillusioned with and concerned about conventional farming. Thus, South Tex Organics, L.C. was established in 1984.

Dennis decided farming organically was nature's way and the best way to grow the most nutritious and best tasting citrus. He felt a commitment to provide the consuming public with an option to purchase citrus grown naturally without the use of toxic chemicals.


Since Dennis began farming organically he has become the largest organic citrus and vegetable grower in Texas, with over 500 certified acres in his operation. His product line currently consists of the famous Texas Rio Star grapefruit, several varieties of oranges, Meyer lemons, red and yellow onions and watermelons.

Jacobs & Del Cabo Organics (top of page)

Having already created Jacobs Farm, a successful organic farming operation, and with a knack for developing niche markets, longtime organic farmers Larry Jacobs and Sandra Belin were confident in their vision for their next venture. In 1985, they encountered a community of struggling, subsistence-level farmers in Mexico, and the Del Cabo cooperative was conceived. 


The idea of farm- and community-centered production supported by international market opportunities proved to be successful. Today, this collaboration between Jacobs Farm and the Baja growers provides over 400 farming families with needed training in organic growing, harvesting, and handling, as well as start-up funds, farming technology, administrative training, and consistent distribution channels—ensuring the best return for small-scale farms.


The only thing that tastes sweeter than fresh organic produce from Del Cabo is knowing that every bite supports the people and the earth that brought it to you, for generations to come.

Cal-Organic (top of page)

Cal-Organic has been dedicated to organic farming and maintaining a balance with nature for over 25 years. As one of the only farms in California's Southern San Joaquin Valley to convert to organic agriculture, we are very proud of our decisions and our rich farming heritage. Cal-Organic applies its values on its organic farms throughout California. Bringing you year-round supplies and dedicated service. Always farming with "Pride and Integrity".

Patagonia Orchards (top of page)
Patagonia Orchards is an organic grower, packer and shipper based in Rio Rico, Arizona. They ship premium organic fruits grown in Arizona and Mexico to wholesalers and retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada. They partner with over 15 organic growers, many of whom have been growing organically for more than two decades.

Lakeside Organic Gardens (top of page)

For over 100 years the Peixoto family has been farming in the Pajaro Valley on the central coast of California. Dick Peixoto started his farming career in eighth grade by hiring neighborhood kids to pick tomatoes on his family farm so he could market them. From that early start his business has grown tremendously. In 1996 he recognized the advantages of organic farming and began transitioning to organic.

Lakeside Organic Gardens is committed to the communities and the state we farm in. We feel strongly about providing produce that is grown here in the United States. All our produce is grown with pride in California.

Boulder Soup Works (top of page)
Boulder Soup Works takes pride in preparing their fresh and organic soup the old fashion way- by hand and in small batches. Whether you love the taste of summer in our Roasted Tomato Basil or prefer the exotic spices of our Red Lentil Dahl, with one taste you'll know real soup is back. In fact, their healthy soups are so spoon licking delicious you will likely miss the fact that they're all gluten-free and many of them are vegetarian or vegan. Boulder Soup Works crafts their soup using less sodium, low cholesterol and absolutely NO preservatives, artificial ingredients or thickeners. Their fresh soup is what soup is meant to be: a healthy, delicious and balanced meal.

Ku Cha Tea House (top of page)
Located on the Pearl St. Mall, Boulder, Colorado, Ku Cha Tea House is a traditional Chinese Tea House. They provide a unique and traditional Chinese Tea experience, with an authentic Zen-like tea room, as well as high quality premium loose leaf teas, tea classes, tastings and other tea related educations. Ku Cha brings the traditional Chinese tea practices to Colorado, and proves that the many types of tea are essential to a lifelong health and wellness.

Ozo Coffee (top of page)
At Ozo Coffee, Coffee is life. The company embraces their coffee with about as much passion, dedication, and prowess as humanly possible! Located in Boulder, CO, Ozo Coffee assumes full responsibility of their sourcing of the finest, sustainable coffee beans. Whether you order a house special, Bhakti chai, or a cup of our Ozo Blend drip coffee, Ozo guarantees your satisfaction that every drink from their shop is of the highest quality and taste.

Savory Spice Shop (top of page)
Savory Spice Shop offers a large variety of seasonings and spices. Their spices are ground fresh on the premises in small, weekly batches, so that they can offer the freshest possible product. Savory offers more than 140 seasonings that are original recipes and are hand-blended on-site. Both are offered for sale in as little as a half ounce and in either bags or bottles. Located in Denver and Boulder, CO Savory Spice Shop also offers extracts, sauces and more!

Red Mountain Baking Company (top of page)

Located in the heart of Denver Red Mountain Baking Company bakes your bread fresh every morning using 100% certified organic flour. 

Alter-Eco (top of page)

Alter-Eco is fully dedicated to the importation and distribution of fair trade and organic food products.Alter Eco believes that, Fair Trade is a viable and successful alternative to conventional commerce. It can gradually close the gap between the so-called industrialized countries and developing countries. Product quality and human development go hand in hand. Consumers can not only benefit from a production process that is sound to the planet and its people but they can also be empowered by such a system.

Annie's Homegrown (top of page)
Annie Withey co-founded Annie’s Homegrown, Inc. with Andrew Martin in 1989. Annie’s has been nourishing families with simple, down-to-earth foods that taste great and are easy to love. Annie’s is driven by a team of folks who are passionate about food, people, and the planet we all share. That’s why we’ve sought out the best ingredients Mother Earth has to offer, harvesting pure, natural flavors to make delicious foods every family can feel good about.

Arrowhead Mills (top of page)
From America's heartland to your kitchen, Arrowhead Mills has been the pioneer and leader in organic grain products, since 1960. Now Arrowhead continues that tradition with hot and cold cereals that put a new twist on some old favorites.

Back to Nature (top of page)
Back to Nature foods are made with simple and delicious ingredients, plus no artificial flavors or preservatives, hydrogenated oils, or high fructose corn syrup. It's the great stuff you want, to make eating a pleasure every day.

Bionaturæ® (top of page)
Bionaturæ® (bee-oh-na-too-ray) roughly translates to mean "organic nature". More than fifteen years ago, a group of young Italians and an American enthusiastically created an organic selection of authentic Italian foods. bionaturæ® was born in 1994 and was quickly embraced by the American consumer as the premier brand of organic foods from Italy. They have remained a family-oriented, privately owned company, with a heartfelt devotion to quality and tradition.

Bob's Red Mill (top of page)
For over 30 years, the Bob’s Red Mill family has been committed to providing the very best in Gluten Free flours, cereals, baking mixes and grains for our friends on Gluten Free diets. So you could say we know a thing or two about what it takes to make a wide variety of the best products available. You see, we thoroughly batch test every Gluten Free product in our quality control laboratory upon delivery, during production and after packaging.

Christopher Ranch (top of page)
Since 1995, Christopher Ranch has been growing organic garlic in California’s rich soils, and, today, is the only year-round supplier of organic California garlic. Known for its smooth, bold and nutty flavor, Christopher Ranch’s California exclusive heirloom garlic boasts unparalleled flavor, health and safety standards. Our garlic is 100% natural and is proven to contain more essential nutrients and oils than imported varieties, lending to an enhanced flavor and aroma.

Coombs Family Farms (top of page)
Coombs Family Farms is a seventh generation family farm that makes and packages their own maple syrup. All of their maple syrup is free from artificial flavors, preservatives, and thickeners, so it’s 100% pure maple goodness.

BOULDER Cleaners (top of page)
Look to BOULDER® 100% natural products for all your cleaning needs: All-Purpose Cleaner, Dish Liquid, Hand Soap, Shampoo, Glass Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Laundry Detergent, and more.

Boulder Granola (top of page)
Boulder Granola is 100% Organic – including Organic Certified Gluten-Free Oats in our Gluten-Free flavors. Made entirely from nothing but organic ingredients, and full of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it supports and promotes healthy, active bodies.

Boulder Soup Works (top of page)
Our Mission is to bring fresh, organic, gluten-free soups to the people. We use fresh, hand-cut vegetables, fragrant herbs and great bases, just like you would if you made soup at home.

Colorado Mountain Jam Co (top of page)
Colorado Mountain Jam Co aka, "One Straw Organic Orchards" is located in the heart of this historic fruit growing area - Palisade, Colorado. Committed to organic principles their farms are sustainable and capable of yielding healthy harvests year after year. Because the fruit is picked when truly tree ripened the need for additional organic evaporated cane juice is minimized to bring out the fruit's natural flavor. Winner of several esteemed award.

DeLallo (top of page)
The George DeLallo Company was founded with the ideals of offering true authentic Italian foods with integrity and consistency. In the mid-1940s, Mr. George DeLallo began selling Italian grocery items door-to-door in the immigrant neighborhoods of Western Pennsylvania. In 1954, he and his wife Madeline established a grocery store in Jeannette, Pennsylvania, which specialized in authentic Italian foods. Soon after, they began to develop and sell traditional Italian products under the DeLallo name. The DeLallo label guarantees consumers authenticity, integrity, and consistency.

Eden Foods, Inc. (top of page)
Eden Foods, Inc., (also known as Eden Organic), is the oldest independent organic food producer in the United States, and the largest supplier of organic dry grocery items. It is best known for its Edensoy line of organic soy milk, and its line of organic Japanese foods and condiments. Eden was founded in 1968 in Ann Arbor, Michigan as an organic food co-op and grocery store, In 1972, the company began importing Japanese foods such as miso and soy sauce for both the retail and commercial markets. Many of Eden's Japanese foods are still sourced in Most of Eden Food's products are organic, most are certified kosher, and all of Eden Foods' products are also vegan, except for their katsuo (Japanese fish flakes). Many of Eden's prepared foods are also gluten-free, and have therefore been recommended for those on a gluten-free or gluten-free casein-free (GFCF) diet.

Edward & Sons (top of page)
Edward & Sons Trading Company, Inc. supplies innovative natural and organic vegetarian foods to stores and consumers throughout the world. They believe in simple, wholesome ingredients and use as few ingredients as possible to achieve our goals. Their packaged foods are presented for all to enjoy, and those with food allergies will especially appreciate that their delicious and varied offerings are often free from the ingredients that trigger food sensitivities. Since they do not tolerate artificial ingredients in packaged foods, Edward & Sons products will never contain artificial flavors or colors, chemical preservatives, or hydrogenated fats. All our items are vegetarian and most are suitable for vegans.

Farmer's Market (top of page)
Farmer’s Market cans have a BPA-FREE liner! Responding to a rising concern about BPA, Farmer’s Market Foods launched a BPA-FREE can liner in July of 2011. We have always strived to be on the cutting edge in incorporating innovative technologies to help us improve our products, the environment, and your health. Farmer’s Market is organically grown in the USA and adds culinary flavor and nutrient dense ingredients to the foods you love.

Field Day® (top of page)
Field Day® always promises to bring all the goodness of nature from the field to your pantry. They offers only all-natural, mostly organic, tasty, genuine foods that are loaded with health-giving nutrition, mouthwatering wholesome flavors, always natural, often organic, no artificial colors or flavors, preservative free, no pesticides or herbicides and thoughtfully packaged.

Lightlife Food (top of page)
Lightlife's wide range of nutritious veggie protein products makes it deliciously easy for people to eat veggie. But our efforts go further than simply food.

Lotus Foods (top of page)
Lotus Foods are the most distinctive ancient and new rices now available in the marketplace and are recognized for their exceptional cooking quality, taste, texture, and superb nutritional value. They attribute this to the fact that they are grown on family farms in limited quantities, on healthy, chemical-free soils, whether in the pristine valleys of Bhutan or on the organic Raun Family farm in Texas.

Lundberg Family Farms (top of page)
The Lundberg Family Farms rice products are farmed and produced in an eco-friendly, sustainable manner. Lundberg Family Farms produces both certified organic rice and Eco-Farmed rice, which is a special integrated rice growing system that we developed many years ago as an improvement on many typical conventional rice growing practices. In order to illustrate how organic, Eco-Farmed and conventional rice production differs, we have provided this simplified table comparing the three systems.

Marukan (top of page)
The Marukan Vinegar Company has been brewing natural rice vinegars in Japan since 1649. Rich experience and scientific improvements accumulated during these more than three centuries make them experts of 100 percent naturally matured vinegar by the traditional method. We use only selected rice, and spend about one month for brewing.

Mediterranean Organic™ (top of page)
Mediterranean Organic™ produce is gathered from farmlands lapped by the wine-dark sea of Homeric epic and continually cultivated for thousands of years. The fields, orchards, and groves, from which they are harvested, are untouched by chemicals and fertilized with natural composts.

Mission (top of page)
Mission takes pride in avocados that are 100% natural and free of synthetic pesticides and preservatives. For an avocado orchard to achieve organic status, it must be shown that it has been synthetic pesticide-free for 3 years and all amendments meet organic standards. Mission organic growers are certified by USDA accredited certifiers and meet all the requirements set out in the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990. Annually, certifiers re-inspect the organic production system plan for each grower to maintain organic compliance.

Monterey Mushrooms, Inc. (top of page)
Monterey Mushrooms, Inc. is an organization with a passion to Be the Best. So say the people who know us best…our customers and consumers. Everyone inside our organization, from Pickers to the President, is aligned and engaged to deliver on our vision to be the fresh mushroom supplier of choice to retailers and foodservice operators in North America.

Natural Value (top of page)
Natural Value started in 1995. They sell a complete line of affordable natural and organic foods and planet-friendly non-foods. They strongly believe in the concept of fair trade.

Nature's Path (top of page)
Nature's Path is committed to providing you with the highest quality organic food. This means making a BIG impact on communities by giving back in meaningful ways and having as little an impact as possible on the earth by operating as sustainably as they can. They have a strict Non-GMO policy and are founding leaders of the Non-GMO Project.

Once Again Nut Butter (top of page)
Once Again Nut Butter has been employee owned since 1976. They develop and support, Domestic and international fair trade, small organic farms and cooperatives and educational, medical and employment programs in Nicaragua. They pride themselves on providing you, the health conscious consumer, with products of superior quality and reliability. They are also dedicated to supporting organic and sustainable farming practices.

Organic Prairie (top of page)
Organic Prairie upholds the USDA rules as the foundation of the organic industry, many of Organic Prairie’s production standards go above and beyond government regulations, ensuring the meat we deliver to you is the safest and healthiest available anywhere! Their organic meats are brought to you by family farms—not factories. Their organic meats are produced without the use of synthetic hormones, antibiotics or toxic pesticides - that’s what makes them organic! Their animals graze in organic pastures, eat organic vegetarian feeds, and they’re finished on family farms, not crowded, concrete feedlots. All Organic Prairie meat is tested for bacteria before it leaves our processing facilities to ensure safety.

Pacific Natural Foods (top of page)
Pacific Natural Foods was founded in 1987 in Tualatin, OR. Pacific Natural Foods is inspiring people to know more about their food, where it comes from and how it’s grown by delivering delicious, all natural and organic foods made with respect for land, animals and people. They are dedicated to bringing you the most delicious tastes out of what nature has provided.

Rice Dream (top of page)
Rice Dream is a non-dairy alternative to dairy milk and soya milk that is naturally lactose free and tastes great too. It has all the versatility of milk. Rice Dream founder Robert Nissenbaum cared deeply about the relationship between diet, health, well being and the environment. The company is still proud of its green credentials. Every grain of rice used to make Rice Dream is sourced from our growers in the fertile Po Valley in Northern Italy. Buying locally gives them the quality and traceability they insist on, while greatly reducing the number of miles the rice has to be transported, thereby minimizing their ecological footprint..

San-J International, Inc (top of page)
San-J International, Inc. is dedicated to the manufacture of premium Tamari soy sauce and quality Asian-inspired products. We endeavor to produce excellence in our products and services. San-J founder, San-Jirushi was established in 1804 in Japan as a Tamari and miso company and began selling Tamari in the United States in 1978 as an importer to natural food and industrial food markets. Tamari quickly proved itself to be desirable to American tastes and San-Jirushi decided to build a plant to brew Tamari in North America.

Seeds of Change (top of page)
Seeds of Change is celebrating twenty years of offering over 1200 certified organic seed varieties for the home gardener and market-grower. In 1989, Seeds of Change began with a simple mission: to preserve biodiversity and promote sustainable, organic agriculture. By cultivating and sharing an extensive range of organically grown vegetable, flower, herb and cover crop seeds, they have honored that mission for almost 25 years.

Spectrum Naturals (top of page)
Spectrum Organic Products is the nation's top-selling brand of organic, expeller pressed culinary and nutritional oils. Explore Spectrum's select organic and artisan vegetable oils from around the world. As a science-based company, Spectrum sets the industry standard for accurate nutritional analysis and labeling of its products. The company's commitment to product integrity begins in the orchards and farms where it sources raw materials and extends to the processing facilities, where it avoids harsh, toxic or harmful chemicals. Spectrum demands the same rigor of its suppliers, and maintains strict quality control through its national distribution network, going so far as to randomly test products on retail shelves.

SunSpire™ (top of page)
SunSpire™ the #1 brand of baking chips sold in Natural Foods Stores and a leader in the all-natural and organic candy category , proudly expands its line of baking products with the introduction of Organic Fair Trade Chocolate Baking Chips. SunSpire Organic Fair Trade Chocolate Baking Chips delicately balance high cocoa content with cocoa butter for an intensely rich chocolate flavor and a silky smooth melted texture. Ideal for baking indulgent desserts, the vibrancy of the cocoa comes from select cocoa growers deep in the heart of Central America’s cocoa region. They are made with cocoa that is Fair Trade Certified™ by Transfair, which means this product directly supports a better life for farming families through fair prices, direct trade, community development and environmental stewardship.

Two Moms in the Raw (top of page)
Founded in 2006 by Shari and Marsha (daughter and mom team)…Two Moms in the Raw is a family-owned raw food manufacturer located in Boulder County Colorado. Only Organic, Kosher, Gluten Free, Vegan ingredients are used in the handmade production of our Granola Bars, Nut Bars, Sea Cracker, Truffles and Cereals.

Village Harvest Rice (top of page)
Based in San Francisco, CA, Village Harvest originally imported and sold three types of rice sources uniquely from their traditional origins including Thai Jasmine Rice, Indian Basmati and Italian Arborio. The success of these products led to expanding the line with brown and organic choices in the same categories. And because we are constantly working to provide the best rice and grains the world has to offer, Golden Quinoa and GABA Rice are the latest additions to our collection.