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Our Mission


To improve the lives and health of our members, by delivering the freshest, cleanest, most delicious food on the planet — in an easeful, dependable way. 




Our Team

Founder Michael Joseph grew up with the idea that people deserve to know where their food comes from in order to make informed decisions. Empowering people to make choices they believe in is the cornerstone of our business. 


The team at Mile High Organics is passionate about food and thrilled to be your trusted grocery provider. We have a lot of fun at work because we love what we do. We believe in our industry and in serving our community with integrity and unrivaled excellence.


In two short years we've grown from a sublet of a sublet, packing up our entire operation every afternoon, into our very own custom built facility. We now have over 35 team members and 1,600 products, all geared towards the delight and education of our members.  








What We Believe

Food should be clean… good for you, your family — and the planet. That means NO nasty chemicals + NO dangerous farming practices.


Eating well should be easy. If you have plenty of fresh veggies and other wholesome groceries at home, you will eat better. It’s that simple. 


Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures. We’re wild about the juicy crunch of a sun-ripened cucumber, the charming curve of a chioggia beet, and the preciousness of a pea peeking out from its pod. 


Our Values

  • Highest Organic Standards

We are America’s First Certified Organic Online Grocer. That means we follow the strictest standards in food ethics, safety, and transparency. 


From participating in voluntary audits by the USDA to the use of the safest cleaning methods in our facilities, we’re deeply invested in your health and the health of the planet. 

Read more about our organic certification.

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  • Nothing Genetically Modified —ever.

    We are the only 100% GMO-Free Grocer in Colorado. 


    We believe corporate interests are increasingly put ahead of human and environmental interests, resulting in potentially dangerous agricultural practices that obscure citizen's rights to know about their food.


    Every singe product we carry has been verified as absolutely GMO-Free. We do the research so you don’t have to!


    What are GMO's?

    Read more about our product screening process.

    • Quality that’s 100% Guaranteed

    We don’t mean to brag, but we’ve been told our produce is the best around.  Our fresh-obsessed experts hand pick every single item, from the farm to your doorstep, so every carrot is perfectly crisp, every fig deliciously and thoroughly ripe. 


    If you’re not tickled pink by every single item you receive, let us know and we’ll make it up to you. Guaranteed.



Best Selection

We’re so infatuated with food at Mile High Organics that we’re always searching for delightfully sweet and savory morsels to add to our selection. With thousands of items to choose from -and growing- you’re sure to find everything you need to satisfy your cravings. 


Something missing? Let us know! We’re always adding new products and love to hear your suggestions.

  • Supporting Small and Local Farmers

We understand that you love to eat local and support small farmers and artisans producers as much as possible. It’s better for the environment, local economies — and tastes great!


We always have the highest selection of local produce and grocery items possible each season. Shopping with us is like having the farmer’s market delivered right to your door. 

    • Transparency

    You can view the farm and region from which every item comes, and trace its life from the farm to your table.  Due to our organic certification status, we are the first and only online grocer to offer you that level of clarity. 


    We believe you should know exactly where your food comes from. That’s why we offer more traceability than any other retailer. 

  • Trust

Our members trust us to do their choosing so they don’t have to. If you are used to pressing your avocados and knocking on your melons before you choose the most perfect one in the bunch — you will be thrilled to know that we are even more thorough than that!


After your first delivery, you’ll be relieved and elated to know that you’ve found your produce fairy-god mother — a dedicated soul on our team who lives to make sure you get only the very best. 

  • Sustainability

In addition to being certified organic and GMO-Free, we also commit to protecting our planet in every way we can. 


That means reusable packing containers (NO shopping bags!), avoiding air freighted produce as much as possible, and reducing auto traffic caused by frequent trips to the grocery store.  Every order you receive from us takes one more car off the road.