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Delivery by our MHO experts is just $7.99. All orders over $75 include FREE delivery.

*(Small fees in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Evergreen, and the Mountain towns off of I-70)


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Shop for whatever you like! We have thousands of hand-picked items to choose from. Shop for upcoming orders or plan ahead.


Set up Recurring Items

Never be without your staples again. Most every product in our store can be set up as recurring. You can always use our Vacation Planner to make sure you don't det deliveries when you're not home. Try us once, try us a thousand times, there are never any committments with MHO!


Order Cut-Off Time = Check Out

Order cut-off times are the day before your delivery date at 11 a.m. (noon on Sunday). If you have an order placed, you will receive an email alert 24 hours before your cut-off time to remind you to customize your order.

Your account will be charged for whatever items are in your cart at your cut-off time and they will be delivered on your selected delivery day.


Receive Your Groceries at Home

You do not need to be home to receive delivery. Deliveries arrive in well insulated, carefully packed bins that keep your groceries and flowers fresh until midnight — guaranteed.Your frozen items will be rock solid.


Hang on to all of the packing materials and we'll pick them up the next day you have a delivery. All packaging materials are re-usable and brought back to our facility to be washed, sanitized and reused.

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